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Memorative tenement houses, charming streets and alleys built in times of Ligęza or Lubomirski family. Rzeszow has many monuments which delight with their history. During your travels, both short as well as long ones, it’s worth staying and doing a bit of sightseeing. Below you will find a list of the most interesting places.

Avenue Under the Chestnuts (Park)

The avenue goes along the Lubomirski Summer Palace and the castle’s moat, and secessionist mansions which can delight anyone with their baroque look, are situated right next to it. The name of the avenue came from the che...


The Monument of Tadeusz Nalepa

Tadeusz Nalepa is considered a Father of Polish Blues. He was a famous composer, harmonica player, guitarist and vocalist. He graduated from music school in Rzeszow and he started bands Blackout and Breakout. In later years of...


The Secessionist Mansions

Three picturesque secessionist mansions were built at the end of the 19th century, with short time gaps between each construction. The first one (mansion number 8), designed by Tadeusz Tekielski for the city councilman Włodzimi...


Rzeszow Market Square

The market square is the heart of the Old Town. The City Hall and a well from the second half of the 16th century or in the 17th century are situated there. Three sides of the market square are built up with tenement houses whi...


The City Hall

The City Hall is one of the most presentable buildings in Rzeszow. Today the Municipal Office has its residence there and touring is possible in the office hours. The building was constructed around 1591 by Mikołaj Spytek Ligęz...


Tadeusz Mazowiecki Bridge

The Bridge, named after Tadeusz Mazowiecki, connects Załęska and Lubelska streets. It is 482 metres long and, thanks to its pylons, 108,5 metres high, which makes it the second highest bridge in Poland. It is supported by the r...


The Multimedia Fountain

The multimedia fountain is the third in size and one of the most advanced objects of that type in Poland. It consists of a dry fountain - interactive one, a round fountain - a mirror, and five flower fountains. The shows are st...

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The Well on the Market Square

The well on the market square was probably built in the second half of the 16th century or in the 17th century. It was the source of drinking water for the citizens of Rzeszow. It was discovered by chance while modernisation wo...


The Boulevards of Rzeszow

The Boulevards of Rzeszow are the green heart of the city. It is a paradise for the cyclists, runners and rollerbladers. There are many bike paths (their total length in the city is 140 kilometres) as well as a tartan track. Pe...

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Maska Theatre

The theatre ‘Maska’ is the only professional puppet theatre in Podkarpacie. In its programme it has theatrical performances for children, youths and adults. The plays are performed not only on the theatre’s st...

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