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The City of Rzeszow Photograph Gallery

The Photograph Gallery is a special place where the profiles and work of photograph artists from all over the world are presented, but also the lives of citizens of Rzeszow are documented there. The first exhibition presented the work of Edward Hartwig (one of the most known Polish photographers in the world, in his work he combines photography and graphic arts). In the gallery’s archives the photographs and negatives are collected, and as interesting and unique materials, they are used in academia. Since 1993 the youngest artists can present their work in the gallery (Gallery of Debuts). There are 1850 photographic lenses in the gallery and they come from the collection of one of the first Rzeszow photographers - Edward Janusz. Thanks to his photographs Galician Rzeszow was better explained in a documentary “Rzeszowskie Janusze”.

ul. 3-go Maja 9, 35-030 Rzeszów