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Are you looking for an accommodation in Rzeszow? Below you will find some offers which will help you choose a facility that is best suited to your needs. Find it based on location, standards or catering.

Hotel Rzeszów (Hotel)

Apart Hotel 12 (Hotel)

Hotel Fryderyk (Hotel)

Hotel Prezydencki****

The Prezydencki Hotel is a perfect place to organize conferences, trainings and business meetings. The Hotel is situated only 1 kilometer away from the city centre of Rzeszów. Our guests have a SPA, fitness room and two...

Hotel Ambasadorski ****

Hotel Ambasadorski to czterogwiazdkowy hotel, zlokalizowany w ścisłym centrum Rzeszowa na...

Hotel Blue Diamond Active SPA ****

Hotel Blue Diamond Active SPA to luksusowy hotel na mapie Podkarpacia, łączący relaks i biznes w designerską przestrzeń. 

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszów ****

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszów usytuowany jest w samym centrum miasta, w bardzo dogodnej lokalizacji - w bliskiej odl...

Grand Boutique

The Grand Boutique Hotel is based in the historic building in Rzeszów, 50 metres from the main square. The object offers luxury and originally organised rooms with WiFi free of charge and the TV set with the access to sa...


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