How to effectively travel in the city

Traffic holdups are not for you? In Rzeszow you can use blinkee. Check what other facilitations we prepared for the visitors in our city.

MPK buses

While being in Rzeszow you can use public buses. MPK (Municipal Transit Authority) has more and more vehicles that a

The Municipal Transit Authority - Rzeszow Limited Company serves passengers from the city of Rzeszow and the Rzeszow agglomeration.

The Transit Authority provides services on three nightly bus lines.

MPK strives to maintain the services on a high standard. In 2018 a total of 50 buses were bought, including comfortable electric buses.

One of the conveniences is the possibility of buying regular and half-price tickets in ticket machines which are in the buses and next to bus stops.

Ticket prices can be found HERE.
Timetable can be found HERE.


W Rzeszowie istnieje możliwość korzystania z przewozów taksówkarskich. Taksówkę telefonicznie można zamówić u kilku operatorów:

Radio Taxi [tel. 19 191, 17 862 20 20, 800 100 919 (free infoline) or on the internet:], Super Radio Taxi [phone: 19622, 800 400 400 (free infoline)], Radio Taxi Euro-DKW (phone: 19 626), Res Taxi (phone: 19 666, 17 864 11 00).

W mieście znajdują się punkty postojowe taksówek. Passenger taxi: Station Square, Fara Square, Dąbrowskiego street, Hetmańska street, Krakowska street, Lewakowskiego street, Lwowska street (Provincial Hospital number 2), Marszałkowska street, Naruszewicza street (Specialised Hospital), Niepodległości street, Ofiar Katynia Square, Okulickiego street, Rejtana street, Bohaterów street, Wita Stwosza street, Podwisłocze street, Powstańców Warszawy street, Cicha street, Dukielska street, Robotnicza street, Luggage taxi: Kopernika street (phone: 17 853 47 77).

The communal and occupational organisation consociating taxi drivers in Rzeszow is the Private Transportation Association.


In Rzeszow it is possible to use city bicycles and electric kick scooters and mopeds.

Blinkee offers 80 city bicycles, 50 electric kick scooters and 20 mopeds in Rzeszow. Renting a vehicle is possible on a mobile app which helps localizing the closest one.

The price for 30 minutes of riding a bike is 1 zloty. Renting a moped costs 0,69 zloty per minute of driving and 0,09 zloty per minute of pause when the vehicle is not moving but you wish to keep it. There is a possibility of renting a moped for the whole day for 89 zloty. Renting a kick scooter costs 2,50 zloty plus 0,49 zloty per minute of riding and 0,09 zloty per minute of pause.

Info: Blinkee is not working because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bolt is an application which connects private drivers with passengers.

Bolt’s goal is to provide innovative transportation solutions which make moving around the city fast and cheap.

For new members the platform offers even 50% discounts. The starting charge is 4 zloty, price per kilometre is 1,30 zloty and per minute - 0,25 zloty.

To receive the service it is needed to download the Bolt application on the smartphone. Before selecting the service the passenger is given the price, name of the driver, and the model and registration of their car.

The details of the route are saved in the application which guarantees safety of the passenger. The client may check the time reaching the target site, as well as rate the driver.

This means of transportation is popular in the city especially in the evening and at night when there are less municipal buses.

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