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Memorative tenement houses, charming streets and alleys built in times of Ligęza or Lubomirski family. Rzeszow has many monuments which delight with their history. During your travels, both short as well as long ones, it’s worth staying and doing a bit of sightseeing. Below you will find a list of the most interesting places.

Avenue Under the Chestnuts (Park)

The avenue goes along the Lubomirski Summer Palace and the castle’s moat, and secessionist mansions which can delight anyone with their baroque look, are situated right next to it. The name of the avenue came from the che...


The Bernardine Gardens (Park)

The Bernardine Gardens are located close to the Bernardine Monks Basilica. Formerly the monks maintained a homestead in this area. They were gardening, engaged with floriculture and tended to vegetables. Because of that they ha...

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The Old Cemetery (Park)

Park Sybiraków (Park)


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