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The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons from the collection of W. Jama

The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons is a place where adults can go on a sentimental journey to their youth, sharing their memories with the younger generations. The basis of the exposition is the collection of memorabilia from W. Jama who donated it to the local government to create this place. The museum holds puppets and other objects closely associated with bedtime cartoons (toys, posters, books, cosmetics packaging). Among the puppets are Floppy Bear (Miś Uszatek), Colargol, Penguin Pik-Pok (Pingwin Pik-Pok). The museum holds many exhibitions, events and contests, as well as creative and educational activities. It is also a place where meetings with directors are carried out and in a special screening room the visitors can watch well known bedtime cartoons.

ul Adama Mickiewicza 1, 35-064 Rzeszów