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The Underground Tourist Route

The underground corridors in Rzeszow were built over many years. They served the citizens as shops, production facilities, depots and during the wars and cataclysms they transformed into shelters. The remnants of the medieval walls can be found in the Underground Tourist Route, as well as marks of fire, fragments of bars or hidden passageways. Moreover, the rooms were enriched with exhibits from the times of the old Rzeszow. The route which goes under the market square and the tenement houses, is 369 metres long. It has 25 cellars and 15 corridors which go 10 metres deeply into the ground. Thanks to the project “The Cellars of Rzeszow - interactive cultural institution” that is being realised, the route will be cheered up with multimedia elements. ATTENTION! As a result of the realisation of the project “The Cellars of Rzeszow - interactive cultural institution”, the Underground Tourist Route in Rzeszow is CLOSED for tourists until 30th of November 2020.

Rynek 24/23a, 35-064 Rzeszów